Caister and nearby order

Thanks very much for the wonderful prints, and fast, professional service. These will be treasured. You have a real skill to bring a special area to life
Steve and Jan


Stunning images stephen, you have such a talent for what you do
Dawn cox

Great Blakney photo

Just to say thank you for a lovely, peaceful shot of Blakeney Quay - My mum sent me one of your canvases for my birthday. Will join my growing collection of Blakeney images!
If you would like a recommendation anywhere on the web,I'd be happy to write something! Yours, Daniel
Daniel Barber

Your Website

Hi there Moley,

Just had another look at your lovely website.... Your photos really are absolutely stunning.

Wishing you all the very best for 2012

Sandi Cockayne


Just looked at yours pictures
Absolutely fantastic!
I know where to come if i want a good photo
Cheryl Howland


hi stephen.
just had a browse thro your pix.
why did you waste your time with the cs???
these are really great!

congrats Stephen

Just popped in to say this is a beautiful you know I am a huge fan of Norfolk and you have created some fabulous images of some of my favourite places....great work, Stephen....and thanks for the link.
Lesley Mohamad(Aleeka)

Excellent Workiv>

Hi Stephen,

Just looked through your website and you have captured some fantastic scenes in your photographs.

Kevin Williams

A Class Act

I will wish you luck, but know you don't need it. You've got the combination of being highly talented, a great sense of humour, yet aware of others. You deserve to succeed.
Phil Tarling


Great Pictures. Civil Service loss is our gain.
Do you ever lead workshops?
I've seen your stuff on flickr..very good. Inspirational.

Hi from Lester

Hi Steve ... very impressive, like I told you before these are easily comparable to anything I've seen around.

Your market could be very wide for this kind of stuff - personal interest and business, like hotels, pubs etc. looking for local views and the like.
Lester Goffin

Impressive collection of work

Wishing you all the best for the future and keep the high standard up
Derek Jackson (SaltydogJacko)


Like this a lot, and I think you're right to refer people to flickr as you have so many magnificent pictures, your fans need to know what they are missing!

You have a great talent Moley and it's good to know your sharing it with others.

Best of luck with this.

Sally Bowe


The civil services loss is everyone else's gain. Great photographer, great talent and a really nice guy. Good luck with the website, the photography and the future.
nick ford

great site and good luck

great site stephen! well done, and good luck in the future =)

Great web site. Good luck!

As you know, I love your pictures and look forward to saying "I know him!" when you turn professional!
sheryl brown

Great Stuff

Lovely pictures Stephen, not sure you should have said they are your first love (thats Jill putting you in the dog house)!!
Margaret & Barry Nevin


I love to read any comments or suggestions you may have, either on my images or the website in general .......